DDS Shopping

So you’ve recently just moved or not necessarily “vibing” with your dentist anymore – how do you pick a new dentist?

There are many factors that go into choosing the right dentist and practice for you and your family – so here’s a quick list of things to look for.

  1. Personal Comfort – Here, we believe that good dentistry starts from a foundation of understanding that we are here to serve you and provide you with the best oral healthcare, period.  Our job is not to sell you anything, but to restore your mouth and teeth to 100% functionality.  While we also preform cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry as well, the purpose of your relationship with our practice is to give you a fully functional and best looking mouth possible!  Confidence begins with a fantastic smile!
  2.  Location – Find a dentist that is in a distance that you feel comfortable driving to and from and maintains hours that work with your schedule.  Most dental practices do have location and hours on their website to help you.
  3. Insurance – Make sure that your dentist participates with your insurance!  At Goldstein Dental we accept an extremely large variety of insurance from most Medicaid plans to Delta Dental to Healthplex to Blue Cross Blue Shield, just give us a call to see if your insurance is on our list.
  4. Qualifications – Each dental professional in the office has a variety of qualifications directly tied to their specific job and also additional qualifications tied to additional jobs they may preform (such as teeth whitening, Botox injections etc.) from continuing education.  Each office should have policies on practice hygiene and infection control.  If you feel uncomfortable asking your dental office on any of their qualifications you can call your insurance company for more information or from your local dental society.
  5. Emergency Care – Find out what is your dentist’s policy on emergency care.  How soon can they typically get in a patient with an emergency issue?  Do they have a way that you can contact them with an answering service or out of office hours cell phone?
  6. State Board Licensing – Make sure that your dentist is state board certified.  This information is available on – specific for NYS.

For further questions to see if our practice is the right office for you or if you are looking for a second opinion on treatment, give us a call to set up and appointment to see how we can change your smile, and life, for the better! (716) 635-4720


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