CEREC – Crowns of the Future, Today

One of the exciting components of dentistry is the ever evolving technology changing the field for the better.

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CEREC System

Enter CEREC, a revolutionary way to design, mill and place a crown.  CEREC is a CAD/CAM program that takes intra-oral pictures of a patients mouth (in place of messy impression material), takes these 3D images of your mouth and designs your crown to fit perfectly with your bite and milled in the CEREC machine (in place of model making and time in a lab and use of a lab tech, temporary crown and temporary cement) and then placed in your mouth – all done in the SAME DAY as your initial appointment!  No longer are the days of multiple day appointments, missing days of work, temporary crowns falling out, foul taste of temporary cement and issues with ill-fitting crowns.  Not only is CEREC perfect for crowns, it is also used for making of veneers, inlays and onlays.  Here, is the future of dentistry, at Goldstein Dental.  Call today to see if your treatment can qualify for the use of our CEREC technology at (716) 635-4720.

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